What our clients say...

Phantom Cycles did an outstanding job on my 95 Inch build-up back in the spring of 2007, I had ridden my 2005 Road King pretty hard in the first two years with just under 34,000 miles on the stock 88 inch motor.

I told them I was looking for Performance, Endurance, and Ecomony. Phantom Cycles really delivered, installing Baisley heads, gear drive cams and an assortment of other goodies, she makes screaming eagles seem more like lame ducks. Jaded photo

After my break-in they put her on the Dyno and dialed her in tight. I've since put another 64,000 miles on the bike and there aren't many that can keep up, even riding two-up and loaded for the long haul, my bike flys down the highway.

I would happily recommend these guys to anyone who was considering an upgrade or just regular maintenance. The staff is friendly and knowledgable and can even do Harley Extended Warranty work. I'd rate these guys over any regular dealer, and have them do all my heavy work. In fact, my bike is currenty getting a much needed upper end overhaul, as I write this. Like I said I ride hard, and these guys keep my bike ready for the long haul and rides ahead!

Thanks Guys!

Lance Greenwood & Jaded