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Below are folks we do business with and recommend you consider doing the same, they've been good to us so we believe they'll do the same for you.


Roadsmith Logo


If you're looking at converting your bike to a trike, this is the kit Phantom Cycles recommends and installs. Feel free to visit their site to see why we chose this kit over all of the others, simply put, performance, design and great customer service.

S & S Logo

S & S

S & S manufactures a complete line of motorcycle performance products, and has been doing so for the last 50 years. They have earned our trust and respect, we frequetly use their products for our customers bikes.

Dynojet Research Logo

Dynojet / Power Commander

We are an authorized Dynojet Research tuning center, this is the best system out there for riders serious about getting their bikes tuned to exact standards. We specialize in Power Commander programming, and use the new Dynojet Model 250 Load-Control Dynamometer and the Dynojet realtime Air/Fuel Ratio module.

T-Man Performance Logo

T-Man Performance

T-Man Performance offers the finest ported heads, high performance cams, cylinders and kits for the V-Twin engine. It does not matter if you are building a custom bike, drag bike, upgrading your Harley-Davidson motorcycle into a high performance stroker, or just want a stronger engine; T-Man Performance will provide you with the build that meets your performance needs.

Baisley Hi-Performance

Baisley High Performance

Baisley Hi-Performance is a worldwide performance specialist focused on delivering the ride you desire from street performance to race winning specializations. Located in Portland Oregon,  they have developed and delivered performance enhancements since 1973.

Wood Performance Logo

Wood Cams

Wood's "Knight Prowler" Cams are custom manufactured by Andrews Products to exact Wood Performance specifications. These special KNIGHT PROWLER STREET Cams feature Short Duration, High-Lift specs that are a trade mark of Bob Wood. This design and manufacturing process has produced The Most Advanced, Aggressive camshaft profiles for H.D. Evo and TC88 Engines available anywhere!!

KB Pistons Logo

KB Pistons

KB Performance pistons for Harley and Indian motorcycles are offered in Hypereutectic 390 alloy and Forged 4032 low expansion alloy. Their 4032 alloy is preferred for high performance / high compression applications.

K & N Logo

K & N

K & N is mostly known for their premium air filters, but they also manufacture oil filters. They have kits available for replacing stock components, as well as some stylish upgrades. Have a look and see what they might have for your ride.

Redline Logo


Red Line formulates fully-synthetic oils and chemically-advanced additives using the world’s finest base stocks. Rather than cutting costs by blending in petroleum products, Red Line's motor oils and gear oils use superior ester base stocks that provide extreme stability at high temperatures and superior film strength at lower viscosities where more power can be produced.

AmsOil Logo


Check out their second edition of the AMSOIL "Study of Motorcycle Oils"and see how 32 of the top selling motorcycle oils compare in the most critical areas of motorcycle performance. This no-frills study was designed to help consumers make informed decisions when selecting motorcycle oils.. We recommend Amsoil for serious riders.

Vega helmets Logo

Vega Helmets

Vega provides quality motorcycle helmets and accessories at the lowest possible price by selling direct to motorcycle retailers like Phantom Cycles. Check out their offerings and give us a call for pricing information.

Crreative TaLantz Logo

Creative TaLantz

Creative TaLantz specializes in Graphic and Website Design Services, for personal and small to mid-sized businesses. They are Phantom Cycles' design company, and could be yours as well. Check them out and see what they can do for you.